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Our Approach


First and foremost, in Happy Child, we prioritize the well-being and safety of all children.

Children are curious by nature! In Happy Child, an independent play is carefully balanced with focused, structured activities, so that every child can explore the world with joy and perseverance.
We work closely with parents to communicate about their child's progress and to develop a plan that meets their child's individual needs.

Playing a game is a child's work. The game promotes research and learning, social-emotional intelligence, creative thinking, and self-control. While playing games children learn new concepts, form positive feelings, improve skills, learn to express their thoughts, and build friendships that may last a lifetime.
Teachers have the experience to incorporate the individual child's interests into the curriculum. Thoroughly planned actions that look like a game lead to creative, motivated, inquiring, and cheerful learners.
Happy Child's curriculum relies on research-based, development incentivizing, and culturally relevant educational material written by the most popular philosophers, linguists, mathematicians, etc.



Our infant room is specially designed for kids of eight weeks to 18 months of age.



Your child will learn to relate with friends and will start to speak.



The toddler small classroom is for children of 16-24 months of age.



Each day at Preschool is full of carefully designed learning and fun activities.


Early Preschool

This small setting is designed for children of 2-3 years of age.



More organized environment to prepare 4-5-year-olds to transition to kindergarten.

May Activities Calendar


Every month we hold many extra-curricular activities. Here's an example of activities and celebrations in May, 2023.

Week #1

May 01

Global love day

May 02

May 03

Mother's day

May 04

May 05

May 06

Reading day

Week #2

June 08


May 09

May 10

Riding day

May 11

May 12

Park day

May 13

Week #3

May 15

Riding day

May 16

May 17

Learn to write

May 18

May 19

Horses day

May 20

Reading day

Week #4

May 22

May 23

May 24

Botanical day

May 25

Dances day

May 26

May 27

Memorial day

Upcoming Events


These events are crafted for kids and their parents.


Learn to Read

10:00am-1:00Pm | MON, August 02

Join us for our annual Learn to Read Day! This event is for parents and their children ages 3-5. We will have a variety of activities to help children learn about reading.


Play and Study

01:00Pm-3:45Pm | ThU, August 10

This event is for parents and their children ages 3-5. We will have a variety of activities to help children learn and explore, including tips for parents on how to help their children learn.


Parent Toolkit Day

9:00am-9:45am | Sat, September 09

Parent Toolkit Days usually take place 4-5 times during the academic year and are available to both parents and students. The Toolkit days last about 45 minutes and are headed by a teacher.


Dream While Drawing

9:00am-11:45am | Sun, September 17

Calling all dreamers! Join us for our Dream While Drawing Day!. We will have a variety of activities to help children explore their imaginations and creativity with drawing techniques.

Tell Us About Your Child


We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about the Happy Child Educational Center. Please feel free to contact us.

We will be excited to welcome your child to our educational center! We know that choosing a preschool can be a daunting task, and we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your child.

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